About Neighborhood Start Fund

We are kick-starting neighborhood-based entrepreneurship through the Neighborhood Start Fund.

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Funding Big Ideas

Neighborhood Start Fund was founded by Lupe Fiasco and Di-Ann Eisnor to turn ideas into start-ups. We need more diverse entrepreneurs bringing fresh ideas and new innovations to life.

So, we’ve created a neighborhood-specific fund to support entrepreneurs and start-ups from underserved areas and of course so the best new ideas won’t go wasted. We provide access, network, workshops, mentoring and of course funding.

Hyper Local Economic Impact

We launched in our first neighborhood, Brownsville, Brooklyn in October ‘15 are now in 9 neighborhoods.

Our vision is to turn every neighborhood fund into a local micro-economic engine. Proceeds of every successful exit is reinvested into other hyperlocal startups! Our goal is to prove that huge businesses can come from our neighborhoods.

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Entrepreneurs and Investors from Different Industries

Speaker 1

Di-Ann Eisnor

Director Waze/Google, Co-Founder Neighborhood Start Fund.

Speaker 2

Lupe Fiasco

Rapper, producer, entrepreneur, Co-Founder Neighborhood Start Fund.

Speaker 3

Pernell Brice III

Executive Director, Dream Big Foundation.


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